Saturday, March 1, 2014

Permian Basin: Night of Music and Fair Trade Shopping


Tonight we are hosting one of our first ever open-to-the-public events right at home in Midland, TX. If you are in the area, please stop by. It's going to be a lovely Night of Music and Fair Trade Shopping featuring not only Scarlet Threads, but Africa Bridges of Hope, Noon Day Collection, and No. 41!

It's at The Ground Floor (203 W. Wall Street, Midland, TX) from 7-10 PM.

Our entire ST Collection (including the Chin Collection masterfully created by Burmese refugees in the Midland Community) will be on display, so you can see, touch, taste (if you really want to), and feel the quality of products that we make in person.

If you can't make it to the event, feel free to shop online! We'll give you a special coupon code ("FreeShip") to use for $5.00 off - that's essentially free shipping so it's just like shopping in person. You have to visit your shopping cart to enter "FreeShip" - for whatever reason our website doesn't provide the opportunity when you proceed directly to check out. So just remember: Shopping Cart, "FreeShip". Valid through March 8th, 2014.

Sofia - handmade by Deng Jie - $26

-- Some Info about our Partners! --

No. 41 is a new ministry to me, but maybe not to Carrie. So visit their website and take a look around! Don't they sound amazing? A ministry started in rwanda in March 2012 to teach 32 girls from a local orphanage and village the culturally relevant trade of sewing. The "office" was a living room, the bags that our sweet girls sew (that will be available for purchase at the event) provide one meal a day for one year to a secondary school child in our village.

Noonday uses fashion + design to create economic opportunity for the vulnerable! We provide dignified jobs at living wages, no interest loans, scholarship programs, emergency assistance, and long term care. YOU CREATE a marketplace for our artisans so they can earn more and work less and keep their families together! We give a portion of sales to place orphans in forever families! I am happy to say that from the sales of tonight's, 20%, will go towards the Stepan family's adoption of Yuan Li from China! Our NEW spring/summer line just arrived, so come tonight ready to purchase with purpose or make a purchase online!!

Africa Bridges of Hope is small group of dedicated individuals that want to make a difference in the lives of Ugandans - begun in 2006, we currently support children and families in Uganda by taking care of their daily needs and education. We sell African jewelry and crafts to support our mission in East Africa. The children that we sponsor make our very special hand woven paper beads to contribute to their school fees. We have items ranging from Coconut carved necklaces and earrings, porcupine quill sets, hand carved serving spoons, bowls, baskets, drums, sandals, apparel, and much much more. Please check out our online catalog or come visit us tonight! 

We are also present Saturdays from 9AM to 1PM at the Midland Downtown Farmers Market - Marienfeld and Texas St.

Join Us Tonight! We would love to meet you in person!!! :)

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