Saturday, April 12, 2014

Lean In Baby Girl!

Our newest member is being knitted in to her forever family! 
And, we know that you are part of the Community that already loves her like crazy. 
Drop by Carrie's personal blog to Lean In!

"You’re learning we’re your people and that we care about you...  You reach to be held by us if someone else has picked you up.  You smile wide when your daddy walks in the door after work.  You reach out in the dark while you’re sleeping, and if you feel me there, you settle back into dreamland... your heart is being knitted to ours."

"So lean in baby girl… I’m your mama and you’re my girl.  You aren’t alone anymore.  You aren’t fighting by yourself.  You have a daddy who knows just how you like to play, a sister who can make you smile, and a whole family and community who loves you like crazy.  Snuggle close and take a deep breath.  You can rest now."

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