Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Montage: Discussion Board - Orphan Epidemic

I was super blown away by the responses in our discussion board last month! I love that we were able to open a dialog about one of the tough topics in the world around us. We received a lot of feedback from people who didn't know that sex trafficking was an issue in the world, let alone here in the US. So, it validated our effort to bring to light the dark places of the world. When we shine a light - through recognition, discussion, and prayer - darkness falters and retreats.

This month, we want to talk about something that most people are aware of. And, thankfully so! Adoption is a miracle! I am thrilled that so many people answer the call and take part in this redemptive response to tragedy. Many of us are painfully aware of the tragedy and aftermath of abandonment, some of us have watched people heal first hand, some of us are healing.

"Adoption in my opinion is a redemptive response to a tragedy. It is a necessary response and one that I strongly believe in... but it is a response to a tragedy."
- Carrie McKean
Ever since reading Carrie's blog from last Friday (Hats, Hearts & Healing), I haven't been able to get the heartbreak off of my mind. It seems the rest of my friends who keep an eye on the ST blog, feel the same way. I have heard from bunches of people that the post brought tears to their eyes. It certainly did mine.

And then there were more tears when I read this article. In 24 hours, a journalist witnessed 8 infants abandoned at the Guangzhou baby hatch. The wounds of abandonment are on full display in the article. And, it isn't just the wounds of the abandoned. It would seem that heartbreak isn't reserved for the abandoned. I imagine the wounds that I see in a 60 year old adopted man, that haven't healed, are also on the hearts of his parents - birth and adoptive.

One thing that gave me some semblance of hope from the article is this:

“The sole purpose of us sending the child here is its survival. Life is above all things. We just hope our child will be able to survive here.” - A Father First

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