Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday Montage: Top 7 Adoption Posts

I want to thank each of you for following the blog on Scarlet Threads. I know that we've meandered through a lot of topics over the years, but a specific topic is a top focus for our organization: Adoption and Orphan Care. I wanted to share a few of our favorite posts on the subject!

Thanks to one of our partner families for sharing this post about their ST Fundraising success! We just shipped out three new Adoption Fundraising Kits this month to adoptive families!! I love that we get to be involved in so many families' adoption journeys in such an empowering way! Our adoptive families keep 50% of the purchase price to help bring their new little one home. Not to mention, we distribute grants from the Scarlet Scraps Adoption Fund to a couple of our partner families each year (as funds permit.)

This post is simultaneously my favorite and the most heartbreaking post from Carrie during her journey to bring Alea home. Suffice to say, it is one of the most read as well.

3. Life Grows with Love - Results
Our community (you) achieved simply outrageous results during our #STOrphanCare campaign. Each year we have picked a child from New Day Foster Home to sponsor. We identify and communicate this child's medical needs and find matching donors. Our amazing community does the rest. Last year, with our matching donors, we raised $7,500+ or 16 months of anti-rejection medications for transplant recipients at NDFH.

I love this joyful post from a New Day adoptive family. "Knowing someone sponsored our child before we ever knew she was our child; I can’t even explain the emotions it stirs inside me when I think of that."

It's soooo worth it!  "If you’re reading this, you might know someone adopting, or considering adopting, and wondering….well, how hard is it?  I can tell you, when we first set down the adoption road, we had NO IDEA what we were in for ;)" - Erika Jensen

"I want to remember it all.  The way I saw her walk in... I knew it was her even without seeing her face, just  because she was the size I imagined she would be.  The way she clutched my China necklace the moment they handed her to me, winding those little fingers in and out, in and out." - Carrie
"Our bags are mostly packed.  A few more things in, a few things out, and they will be ready for the final zip. And just like that, here we are: Our last day home. The day before we leave for China.  My last day in our own home as a stay-at-home mama of my ONE feisty and sweet little girl." - Carrie

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