Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: What to do with Easter Ham?

No, I'm not lazy! Yes, I have not put up any recipes in a couple of weeks. Never fear, however I returned to the kitchen last night to make a delicious and gorgeous Challah bread. So, keep an eye out for that Tasty Tuesday gem.

Today, I'm sharing a recipe from our blog affiliate Tina (from Mommy's Kitchen). She has a great idea for what to do with an Easter ham - Fried Rice! Simply scrumptious from the looks of it.


Aren't we so lucky to have partnered with another amazing lady/blogger/foodie? I think we all win. Great recipes for our community, more traffic for Scarlet Threads, a bigger mission, and a better world.

PS - Don't miss Mommy's Kitchen's Sugar Cookie Recipe that Tina posted a couple of years ago on our little blog!

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