Monday, October 13, 2014

Affiliate Spotlight: Mitchael Journey!

We are so excited to introduce Andrea, from the blog "Mitchael Journey", to you today! She has recently signed up as a part of our affiliate program, and we thought we should introduce her a little bit to all of you! It is so fun to be able to share the mission of Scarlet Threads with other women, and have them join us in our vision to expand the impact of Scarlet Threads! We are so excited about this partnership, and can't wait to get to know Andrea more! We asked her a few questions, to introduce her to you all as well, so read on and welcome our newest affiliate! 

1. Blogs usually say a lot about a person, why did you start yours? What do you hope that yours accomplishes?

When our family moved from NW Arkansas to S Florida in March of this year to begin full-time worship ministries at a church (, I decided to use the Mitchael Journey ( blog space as an opportunity to stay connected with our family and friends with ministry and family updates. I had written occasional posts previously, but when I began staying home with my son full-time I had time to be more consistent with my posts. I enjoyed composing the updates, and realized that I wanted to share more than monthly reports. A friend of mine from college has a lovely blog called Oak and Oats ( and wrote a post about getting started with a blog and why she does it ( Her ideas encouraged me and helped me realize that a blog is a wonderful platform to make a difference in the world around us. If I was writing for family and friends, why not also share truth and hope with people I've never even met? With that inspiration, I began blogging more consistently and intentionally in the following months. The topics range from parenting and marriage lessons that we've learned, to our church ministry and simply how we live our lives! I hope that I can build a community where the important things in life are emphasized and we can mutually encourage one another to pursue good!

2. What led you to write a "Gifts that Give Back" blog series? I'm really interested in what kicked of your search that led you to ST!

I used to struggle with gift-giving, primarily because I found it frivolous. In college ( I was introduced to several wonderful organizations and businesses that made beautiful products for a greater purpose ( to give back to those in need. The Gifts that Give Back series ( was inspired by both my compassion and my frugal sides -- I wanted to share the vision of gift giving for a deeper meaning! I then began the search to find 21 Gifts for 3 categories, Women ( , Men (, and Kids ( During this search I poured over blogs and websites which led me to other blogs and websites and I was ecstatic to share my finds! I found Scarlet Threads during my search for the kids gifts post (the last in the series) and ended up featuring 3 Scarlet Threads products! The response I have received on these posts was SO encouraging and I will likely do more series like it in the future. I really believe that eyes were opened to give in a deeper way!

3. When you did find ST, how and why did you decide to become an Affiliate? What part of our mission speaks to you?

As I clicked through the Scarlet Threads website, I looked for the "About Us" portion in order to link-back from my post so that readers could get connected with the WHO and WHY behind ST products! As I browsed, I came across information about getting involved, and consequently found the affiliate information! This sparked my interest, as I love to find opportunities to connect my blog with purpose. What could be better than to help support my blog and link others to the mission of Scarlet Threads? I sought to get involved right away, and have already enjoyed the connection and support! I love the opportunities that ST gives to women that are in situations where they were not given means to provide well for their families and had to make sacrifices that they shouldn't have to make. I am encouraged by ST that they saw the need and created a business that could empower! The adoption and mission trip opportunities are also so meaningful to me! I hope that Scarlet Threads continues to grow and make a life-changing difference in the world!

Thanks so much for sharing with us, Andrea! We are so excited to have you as a part of Scarlet Threads' team. Can't wait to see what we can do together! 

If you are interested in becoming part of Scarlet Threads' affiliate program, you can go HERE for more information and HERE to request an account. Feel free to email with any questions. 


  1. Thank you so much for your feature! I've had people stop by my blog through your links -- I'm so grateful to be on the team!! :)

  2. We love Andrea/Mitchael Journey! What a wonderful team you'll make!

  3. I just "met" Andrea through a link up and she's already one of my favorite bloggers. Thanks for sharing this!