Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: Pecan Pie?

I posted a tidbit of my pecan pie fiasco on our facebook page. Y'all, it was so disappointing! I was so thrilled to be in America with things like corn syrup and pecans and butter and molassas at my disposal, and I thought how hard can it be!?

Well, turns out that pecan pies have to be done right. After baking for an hour and then cooling for a few more, the pie was not set. It was not even gooey... it was runny. I asked the all-knowing google what went wrong, and came up with a few answers.

Instead of telling you how to bake a pecan pie today, I'm going to tell you how NOT to bake one. 'k?

  • Eggs. If the recipe calls for eggs, use large. If it calls for large, use jumbo. Or, just add an egg. Eggs are important!  The 8in pie I made called for two (I think) and I used two regular sized. I should have used three at least.
  • When you mix up your filling, do not use a mixer. I repeat: do not use a mixer. I don't know why the recipe I used actually called for a mixer, but it didn't work. A whisk should be fine, but you don't want to get everything too frothy.
  • When the recipe says to mix until frothy, listen to it. Do not go beyond the beginnings of froth. And after you've got everything evenly mixed together? Skim off the froth. Bubbles are not wanted. 
I still can't be sure exactly what went wrong, but I know for sure that I did the above three "no-no's" and my pie didn't work. 

...at least it looked pretty.

I want to try again while I'm still in the country of corn syrup and butter! Have you been successful before? PLEASE tell me what you did!?

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