Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Apron Naming Giveaway: Round Three!!

Remember just a few weeks ago when you all had the chance to name a couple of the beautiful new aprons in the Scarlet Threads' Fall Line? Well, those aprons now have the perfect names to go along with their beautiful colors and styles…the "Evelyn" and the "Jennie Mae"!

In case you missed your chance to enter, or didn't submit the winning name, how about another round? Our friend and affiliate Andrea, over at Mitchael Journey, is hosting a naming giveaway for another one of our new aprons! This one is the perfect size for the little girl in your life, and is full of bright colors and ruffles to match. Will you help us find the perfect name for this cute little apron? Can't wait to see what you come up with…

Head on over to Andrea's post and comment with your favorite name, and you could win this apron for yourself! I mean...for your sweet little one, of course! What do you think?? Is she a classic name? A spunky name? Give it a go! Let's see what she'll be!

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