Saturday, November 29, 2014

Small Business Saturday!

Do you get tired of seeing big name stores no matter where you go? It seems that everywhere we look there's another Walmart, another Target, or even another Gap. One of my favorite things to do, in every new city I visit, is to scope out the local scene. Find the little quaint shops and businesses that give it the charm. Go explore the cute downtown streets with the eclectic little boutiques on every corner! 

If you got worn out this weekend, shopping all the big name brands, take some time this weekend to celebrate the small businesses around you! Scarlet Threads is so thankful for all of you who continually support our small and growing business! Take a minute to check out our website today…we have great deals for you!, While shopping, scroll through the #smallbusinesssaturday hashtag on Instagram and Facebook! You have no idea what treasures you might just stumble upon! Happy shopping! 

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