Friday, May 29, 2015

Seasons Change: What's New for Scarlet Threads

Some of our very first products.  
The aprons were super cute, but I think our photography has gotten a lot better!!  

We started Scarlet Threads on a little whim… mostly because I went to a fabric market and saw bolts and bolts of fabric; a kaleidoscope of color and possibility. And around that time, I met Deng – a gifted seamstress who salvaged a pair of brand new shorts that I’d bought and promptly cut a hole in while attempting to cut out a tag. I recognized talent when I saw it, and I immediately wanted to create new things with her.

So we made a few aprons and pre-sold them to friends and family in the USA and never really looked back. I never expected Scarlet Threads to grow and be something beyond that. Yet here we are 6 years later with a little company that continues to fill a niche and grow and connect Chinese artisans with a global market.

But a lot has changed in those 6 years. We moved back from China. I became a stay-at-home mama. Then we adopted and Motherhood 2.0 rocked my world. My business partner and sister-in-law, Eileen, has experienced lots of major life changes of her own, and it has become increasingly clear over the last couple of years that the two of us aren’t really able to give Scarlet Threads the energy and time it needs to truly thrive.

About six months ago we began seriously looking for someone who might want to take over this little operation, and thankfully we found them! Karen and Gene Pierce. You’ll hear more from them soon, but as we’ve worked together on the transition these last few weeks, I’ve grown to love their hearts and vision for what Scarlet Threads can be. We share so many of the core motives and beliefs about why the work of Scarlet Threads is important, and I think they are the perfect family to help Scarlet Threads grow and be all it can be.

I’ve heard it said that good leaders know when it is time to step down. I’m not sure that I can claim to be a good leader, but I do know that if Scarlet Threads is going to flourish, it needs someone at the helm who has the energy, time, and dreams to make it grow. I think Karen and Gene can do just that, and I’m eager to see where they take this little business.

But I won’t be totally gone!! I’m still going to be around, helping in the background and offering my advice and thoughts as needed to help ensure a seamless transition for our artisan partners and customers. Thank you for taking Scarlet Threads from my "little whim" to the organization it is today… and please continue to support it now that Karen and Gene are at the helm. Nothing about the heart of the organization will be changing and I’m quite certain only good things are in the future for all of us!

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