Thursday, June 4, 2015

Good Things Are Coming--But First, Let's Introduce Ourselves

It’s a pleasure to meet you! Karen here, and I just want you to know that we are absolutely thrilled to be working with Scarlet Threads in this exciting new chapter of growth. We first met Carrie in March of 2014 at New Day Foster Home in Beijing, while visiting our son, Guy, a long-term New Day volunteer. We reconnected with her in the fall while purchasing beautiful wire ornaments through Scarlet Threads; we learned all about the incredible work Carrie, Eileen, and the rest of the team were doing, and we were so impressed by their energy, ingenuity, and creativity.

Gene and I on the Great Wall. 

We’ve always been passionate about social justice and ministry, and in the past year we’ve felt God turning our hearts specifically towards orphan prevention and economic empowerment for families who are struggling to stay together and stay afloat.

Last July, we had the opportunity to participate in an outreach in the communities of Yavello and Mega, Ethiopia, working with the local children through Hand of Hope Ministries, which intensified our desire to do everything we can to help bring economic sustainability and justice to orphans, single parents, and impoverished families. When we returned to New Day to visit Guy, our daughter-in-law EunJeong and our four grandblessings this past March, we learned about this exciting new opportunity with Scarlet Threads, and after much prayerful consideration, we were eager to step in and help this wonderful organization continue to grow.

We are so thankful for Carrie and all of the incredible work and time she has poured into Scarlet Threads during the six years since it’s inception. She and Eileen have been so amazing (and patient!) in helping us transition into this leadership role. They have touched so many lives and helped many families while creating this business, and we are amazed and grateful to be able to take part.

Our family, now joining the Scarlet Threads family. 

In the next year, our goal is to continue the vision and further the mission of Scarlet Threads by promoting families through the sale of handcrafted goods, promoting adoption awareness, and fundraising for adoption and orphan care. In addition, we are planning to expand globally, aiming to partner with women and families around the world to empower them become self-sustaining. 

You’ll be seeing some exciting developments and introduced to amazing new artisans (and new products!) very soon! Plus, we’ll be launching a fantastic start-of-summer sale June 21 - don’t miss it! 

Thank you for continuing with us as we enter this exciting new time at Scarlet Threads. We look forward to sharing this journey with you!


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