Thursday, August 6, 2015

How Adoption Fundraising Kits Can Help Fuel Your Family's Journey

We had the sweetest message from a customer who is currently working her way through the adoption process, and we just had to share this story!

As many of you know, our goals at Scarlet Threads aren’t just orphan prevention and economic empowerment; we also provide adoption fundraising kits to families who are looking to adopt.

Basically, here’s how it works: when you purchase a kit, you receive an assortment of beautiful aprons (all in varying styles!) with a total MSRP value of around $200. You pay 50% of the MSRP ($100) plus a $20 handling fee and a Paypal fee, then you can sell the aprons for full retail price (or higher!). You can help support an international artisan, and keep the profit to fund your adoption costs.

If at the end of six weeks you find you have aprons you can’t sell, you can return the unused/unwashed products for a refund. Pretty cool, huh?

We’ve sold dozens of kits successfully, but last month, Valerie’s story really stood out. She recently purchased her FIFTH adoption kit from us—wow! Valerie and her husband are currently working to become the forever family of an eleven-year-old boy from China. While purchasing her most recent adoption kit, Valerie wrote,

Valerie and her family
“Our family couldn’t be more pleased…I found Scarlet Threads through searching online for adoption fundraisers. I knew I wanted to work with them after I read about the beginnings of the ministry—originating in China. We are pursuing the adoption of an 11-year-old son from China. So it worked!

“I did call it a ‘ministry’ because I know this is how Gene & Karen view it. They have never said those words to me, but I can tell by the way they conduct themselves & correspond with me. I emailed with Gene initially, but I have emailed with Karen many times since. I feel like she cares about us & our adoption. I feel like we’d be fast friends if we lived nearby.

“The quality of the aprons we have received from Scarlet Threads is really remarkable. The material is nice & sturdy, & very pretty. The patterns are clever. There is a variety to choose from, too! We have now placed [several] orders for adoption fundraiser kits.

“We are grateful for this ministry, in helping us bring our son home. And we are thrilled to be able to help women bring dignity to their lives through their amazing talents & work.”

You can read more about their story here, including the latest breaking news (their paperwork has been logged, and is awaiting approval! Yay!) and how they hosted their most recent fundraiser with Scarlet Threads aprons! 
Shout out to Valerie—thank you for supporting Scarlet Threads, and congratulations on the amazing strides you’ve made so far in your adoption journey!