Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Some Musings From The Shopkeeper

Good morning! It’s been a while…

There’ve been some wonderful and insightful things going on and I want to fill you in!

Since coming on board with Scarlet Threads last April, I have been learning the ins and outs of shopkeeping. Previously, I have spent a career as a Mom and Wife, and as a Physical Therapist Assistant in the realm of Home Health Care/Geriatrics.  So, shopkeeping is a whole new ball game for me.
My husband, Gene, and I have become pretty proficient in sorting and organizing our merchandise, filling orders, communicating with our customers, and ordering new stuff. Well, maybe not proficient, but we’re getting better at these things as each month passes. We’re also making connections with people who travel to China and Ethiopia so that we can get the handmade products from our beloved artisans back to the U.S. and into our customer’s hands and homes. 

That’s one of the most challenging aspects of our endeavor.  We have learned to reach out to people who we don’t know to ask them to kindly fill a suitcase with aprons and potholders. We’ve sometimes even had to annoy the socks off of some friends to help us find people in China who may be interested in helping. It’s been a gratifying nine months, filled with growth!                     

Our friend Laura & her girls – Laura’s been a great help to us!     
Our friends, the Browns, visited China and brought home a suitcase full of aprons! Their girls are enjoying their aprons!
We started out with a long and ambitious list of things that we wanted to learn and do to grow and expand Scarlet Threads. Actually, the list was a bit overly ambitious! So we’ve had to back up a bit and learn to be more realistic, taking things one-step-at-a-time.

Recently, our daughter moved home after spending five months in Ethiopia assisting her fiancé with the paperwork he needed while learning his culture and getting to know his family. They arrived back here, together, in October and were married in December.

The wedding planning, as well as some other things that came up in our family, pulled me away from the business for several months, and I am now getting revved back up again!

So I want to share with you some things that I see in the future for Scarlet Threads. This is my heart; our heart. Going back to how we got connected with ST in the first place, and how God has expanded those beginnings since.
  • Deepening our relationships with orphan care organizations like Hand of Hope and New Day Foster Home and increasing our ability to support them financially through our sales
  • Exploring how we can partner with orphan prevention and family preservations organizations like HEAL Ministries 
  • Expanding our reach to include more artisans and countries and therefore a greater variety of product while keeping the high quality standard
  • Growing our ability to support adoptive families in their fundraising efforts
  • Resurrecting our Scarlet Threads Blog
There’s more stirring in our hearts, but I’m learning not to get too far ahead of myself and stay with the “one-step-at-a-time” motto!

Keep an eye on this blog…we have wonderful posts coming your way.

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See you soon—very soon!