Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day - Small changes lead to big impacts

Hi everyone! My name is Dani. I'm a guest blogger from

Here are a few things about me just to introduce myself. 

  1. I recently married the cutest man in the world. This is our first Valentines Day in person together - because last year he was in his home country of Ethiopia. 
  2. I love God and people SO much; it's what I live for.
  3. I try to be a simplistic writer and connect with others through words. I am so thankful that blogging is a great platform to do this! 

I am so excited to be here today to share something that I am passionate about: LOVE. I know it's the season of love and some people are head over heels and others are just so ready for this season to be over. I'm hoping this post will shift some perspectives and change some hearts. 
I've gone over this post over and over again. I keep trying to find ways not to make it sound cheesy. Then I remember: "wait it's Valentines Day, it's a super cheesy holiday!"

I must admit, ever since I can remember, I never understood the concept of Valentines Day. I just couldn't wrap my mind around running out buying chocolates, flowers, and a stuffed animal only once a year for the person you supposedly love most. I didn't quite get it until this year. This is what I've come to understand: Valentines Day should just be a by-product of the love you have for a special someone. This is not the only day to do something drastic for them. It's just another day to extend love in a special way to someone who is special to you. It seems small, but it's actually huge to the person on the receiving side. 

Small changes lead to big impacts.

This seems so simplistic, but many of us don't get it. It's easy to run and hide away from making small impacts simply because we don't feel like we are doing much. When we buy from Scarlet Threads or donate twenty bucks to a missionary, we don't truly understand the difference we are making. Our minds can't comprehend how buying an apron or how twenty dollars can quite literally change a person's life. 

As I've scrolled through various social media platforms this weekend, I've noticed all the people, places, & objects that have been converted into "Valentines." One such example was found on an animal dog rescue website. It read "no need to be lonely on Valentines Day, there are many valentines waiting for you in our animal shelter, come adopt one!" This really got me thinking about those who do really struggle with this holiday. I remember the years before I got married were I struggled with loneliness. 

I want to propose this question: What if your valentine is not someone you're head over heels for? 

What if it's the man in China hand crafting ornaments for your Christmas tree?

What if it's the woman in a remote village sewing aprons for women in a country she will never visit? 

What if it's a child living in a third-world country who would light up at a letter from you? 

Could we possibly shift our mindsets and push past all the ideologies that make up this holiday? 

Could we start a movement of love that extends far beyond February 14th? Could we tell ourselves that our purchases and contributions do make a difference? Can we choose small impacts that create lasting change? 

This Valentines Day, I challenge you to change some perspectives and shift some ideas in your heart. I wonder what JOY and LOVE you may feel by simply extending joy and love to another who could use a little recognition and love. 

I have seen the faces of children and women who receive a simple letter or a simple gift. It means more to them than could ever be put in words.

So, this Valentines Day, I invite you to be a part of this movement of love. I invite you to support Scarlet Threads, a friend in need, or a stranger. 

Extend love and then sit back and watch the impacts it creates. 

Happy Valentines Day, We love you and are so grateful for the small impacts you are making.

" humility value others above yourselves,  not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others." -Philippians 2:3-4

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