Thursday, March 10, 2016

Threading Together at the Created For Care Conference

I recently returned from the Created For Care Conference as a vendor for Scarlet Threads, and we are so excited by what we learned there! I am so thankful that Carrie was willing to give me some advice regarding what to expect and some ways to prepare. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it. We certainly learned a lot—starting with what to do when you get the date of the conference wrong.

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I mistakenly wrote down the wrong date for the conference in my date book. Not only that, I told my friend and table helper, Karen M, the wrong date too, despite the fact that the correct date was all over my paperwork! For months, I’ve been certain that the conference was on the weekend of February 26th—and on January 26th, I realized that it was actually February 5th.

Scarlet Threads booth at Created For Care Conference!
Once I realized my mistake, I went into shock mode, and then I kicked into ultra high gear!
By God’s grace, I was able to get my ideas together, gather all of my display materials (ie making several runs to Michael’s) and test the set-up on a table at our church to make sure it all worked out.

Thankfully, Karen M and I were able to leave a day early; we stayed in Jasper and then drove an hour to the conference the next morning. It was the calm before the (amazing!) storm!

Lake Lanier, where the conference took place, is stunning, truly breathtaking. After registration, getting our table set up,  and settling into our rooms, the best part of the weekend began--getting to meet all the moms!

I was so touched that many of the women were willing to open up about their joys and sorrows, their miracles and their struggles, their happiest times and their really, very difficult times. Before arriving at the conference, I wasn’t sure how I would relate to other moms there, since I haven’t adopted before. But God had a plan. He helped me to meet and get to know women who diverse stories about their motherhood stories and to open up my heart toward and my understanding of all the various ways that bring us to the word “mother."

Lake Lanier
We worked very hard that weekend. We made many contacts and new friends. I learned about some wonderful ministries doing the hard work of providing clean water where there isn’t any, getting sponsors for very needy families, loving women who leave the hospital with empty arms, providing employment for artisans all over the globe, and much more.  

I was excited and exhausted when we got back to Nashville on Sunday afternoon…so exhausted that, though the television was on, I don’t think I watched five minutes of the Super Bowl!

If you aren’t familiar with Created for Care, please check them out. They are doing great work in encouraging not only adoptive and foster moms, but also all types of moms.

Watch for an upcoming post linking the organizations that were represented at the conference. We were so grateful for the opportunity to attend! 


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