Thursday, April 7, 2016

Your stories mean the world to us, and to families around the world

Each item we promote through Scarlet Threads begins and ends with a story--stories of families working for economic empowerment, working to stay together so that no child becomes orphaned due to poverty; stories of men, women, and children working to become families through adoption, adoption awareness, and adoption fundraising; and finally, stories from all of you, our wonderful community who purchase Deng's beautiful aprons from China, or Denge Doti's Borana Michira bracelets from Ethiopia, or any of the handcrafted items from the amazing artisans we support.

Today, we're honored to share the story from one of our customers, Kim, who graciously emailed us about her ST experience. We are so touched by her words!! Scarlet Threads Community, we love hearing from you; never hesitate to share your personal story with us. Thank you, Kim, for sharing your story, and for supporting artisans like Deng and their families!
We were immediately attracted to [Scarlet Threads] because we have not seen anything this beautiful or well-made in stores. Mass production items simply do not have the unique, handcrafted quality evident in ST merchandise! 
We were also blessed knowing that we support individual artisans and their children with each purchase. While we have become much more conscientious of the sources and fair trade practices of our food, we have also learned to consider similar criteria with our household and gift purchases. We have come to appreciate the quality and beauty of hand-crafted textiles, and found ST to be the perfect vendor for us. Our questions were given prompt, personal attention, and the delivery was fast and accurate. 
We were also delighted to see the aprons and hot pads are even more gorgeous and colorful in person. We immediately made a second order and instantly and happily completed our Christmas shopping! Each person who received these ST gifts commented on the quality and unique character of the hot pads and aprons, and were very eager to learn more about ST.  
I especially enjoyed purchasing the "Evelyn" apron, one for my sister, and one for myself. Although I do not get to see my sister very often, I enjoy knowing we are in our respective kitchens wearing our ST aprons! I am grateful that ST provides personal, unique items that are specially made. It is gratifying purchasing these beautiful items from ST rather than purchasing generic, random, mass-produced goods from big-box corporate giants. 
Thank you, ST, I look forward to shopping with you again soon! --Kim 

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