Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Clearance Sale Now Open - Items Priced Below Wholesale!

We are having a blowout clearance sale, with items priced below wholesale prices!! We've recently received new stock, and so we are celebrating by hosting our best sale of the year!

Check out these awesome clearance prices here--With fall and winter holidays and seasonal cooking just around the corner, these prices won't last long, so you'll want to get these beautiful aprons before they're gone!!

Some of our most beloved aprons and products are currently priced lower than ever, such as:
The Jennie Mae Apron -- Now $13.00
The Audrey Apron -- Now $12.00
The Harper Apron -- Now $10.00
The Evelyn Apron -- Now $9.00
The Ellie Apron -- Now $9.00
The Jennessah Apron -- Now $9.00
The Suzy Apron -- Now $9.00
Tote Bag -- Now $5.00

As always, proceeds from the sale support our wonderful seamstress, Deng, and her family, and a purchase from Scarlet Threads helps support our amazing artisans.

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