Friday, September 2, 2016


We are so, SO excited to announce that our brand new, never-before-seen products launched this week!!! 
Hats, new aprons, smocks and jewelry--these new items have been lovingly designed by our incredible, talented artisans Lao Yan, Xie Dong Fang, and Deng Jia. We are thrilled to get to share them with you today!
They are selling now, so get them while they're fresh!

Art Smocks - $20.00
We are thrilled to be offering children’s Art Smocks for both boys and girls! Our boys smock sports a black background with a variety of Chinese symbols in tan and dragons in brown with a deep purple trim. Our girls smock has a deep red back ground with a print of blue, bold and green fans accented with flowers, stars and moons and trimmed in royal blue. A large front pocket is a great place to carry paint brushes and crayons! These aprons open in the back with a tie at the collar. For young artists of all ages, both boys and girls smocks come in large and small. Deng did a fantastic job hand-sewing these! Please check out all of the photos and see how adorable these art smocks are!

Hair Ties - $6.00
Lao Yan, our wire artist, has created these intricate butterfly and flower hair ties. These are not only beautiful and sturdy, but they are one-of -a-kind works of art! Each design comes in either silver or gold. They are tightly secured to a black elastic ponytail holder. 50% reduction in shipping cost will be offered on single stand-alone orders of one hair tie only. 

Lao Yan created stunning wire heart pendants to be worn as necklaces. They are delicately crafted and represent beauty in life and faith through the Chinese symbols. Each pendant comes on a black nylon necklace with a silver clasp. We offer 8 different pendants: 1. Grace  2. Hope  3. Love  4. Joy   5. Family (Home)  6. Blessing  7. Faith  8. Peace (Gate)  These numbers coordinate with those in the photo. 

This bold and lively girls apron is so bright and vivid it’s sure to be a favorite! Vibrant tones of pink, orange and purple accented with black and white – is exciting and colorful and speaks FUN! Trimmed in deep purple and sporting a pocket on the front, this apron is offered in both a girls small and a large size, as well as one to fit an 18” doll! Order both together and save $5.00! 

This apron is truly unique! In an array of gold, turquoise, black, pastel pink and red, this color combination is sure to please! The material has a satin feel and is light and airy. Accented with a turquoise collar, waist tie and pocket, this apron also has it’s top and pocket button in the same apron material; it’s darling! 

We adore the red Chinese print and black trim that Deng used for this little girls apron! Scattered over the deep red background is a dainty print of lotus flowers in soft pink, gold, green and white. You’ll also find small gold Chinese symbols cross the print. We think that you’re daughter will love it! This apron not only comes in large and small size to accommodate various ages, we also offer a matching apron in a dolls size because we know how much little girls love to dress their dolls to match themselves! Order both girl & doll sizes together and save! 

With this stunning apron, it will be Springtime in your kitchen year round! Beautiful vibrant colors on a white background with royal blue button collar and waist ties as well as a royal blue pocket, it’s sure to brighten every cooking experience! Made of soft cotton material with a matching top button. Beautifully hand-sewn by our seamstress, Deng.

The tiger, not the lion, is the king of beasts in China, and like so many other creatures, it has great symbolic meaning there. It stands for strength and courage, and has been placed outside tombs and houses to keep evil spirits away. So when Chinese children, and especially males, are born their mothers and grandmothers make them hats in the form of tigers, complete with whiskers and bulgy eyes with bushy eyebrows and big round ears in which, often, perch tiny representations that also have symbolic meanings. Rabbits mean longevity, mice mean industry, melons mean fertility and for children, the tiger can be protective as well as fierce.  (Taken from the web) Our Tiger hats are beautifully hand sewn by Xie Dong Fang. They come in a variety of colors and fabrics including blue, black, red, gold, pink, etc. Please indicate if you have a preference.  Be sure to look at all the photos!

Artist: Xie Dong Fang  Born 1942 in Beijing. When she was young, Xie worked in a clothing factory as a seamstress. She is now married and has 3 daughters and lives a “happy life”. She loves sewing Chinese Traditional Art products such as tier hats, shoes, clothes, shoe pads and shoe pillows. She also enjoys playing cards with the older ladies in her community. She has a warm heart and enjoys cooking for her neighbors. 

Lao Yan created these adorable Wire Buddy Adornments. They are so fun and will adorn so many things such as your key chains, review mirror, bag strap...the possibilities are endless! These are sold in sets of two as pictured (a boy and a girl). We have a variety of colors, please indicate if you have a preference...or let us surprise you!